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Chief Executive & Operations Officer

Wally has a diverse background that includes complementary experience in digital marketing, data analysis, and software development. He has previously worked at several media production and technology companies, including the prominent Chicago startup Sprout Social, where he honed his knowledge and acumen of the digital marketing and advertising. He has also served as a researcher at the United States National Institutes of Health, where he developed software to analyze medical data using cutting-edge statistical algorithms, and is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematical biology at the University of California, Irvine that examines the impact of global warming on soil microbes with climate models and Bayesian inference methods. He combines practical business experience with rigorous analytical insights, which primes him for his role as director of Qchain’s overall operations.

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Chief Technology Officer

Roy has an extensive background in scientific research and software development, with expertise in high-performance and distributed computing and mathematical modeling. He has also served as a financial officer and marketing analyst in the software and education sectors. He has managed software infrastructure, led advertising and fundraising efforts, and conducted novel research at a combination of startups, large organizations, and top-ranking universities, such as Chicago Public Schools, Mac Mix, and the University of Chicago. Additionally, he is presently pursuing a PhD in mathematical biology at the University of California, Irvine, and is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. With his broad experience across a range of disciplines and in-depth computing expertise, he is well-poised to lead Qchain’s technical operations.

Angela Wang photo



Chief Content Officer

Angela is a writer and multidisciplinary artist with a wide spectrum of professional media experience. She formerly worked at BuzzFeed in New York, serving in positions on both the editorial and business teams. In the latter role, she worked to help advertisers meet their goals, leading creative brainstorms and educating clients about the company’s ad products. She currently works as a Senior Writer at Gizmodo’s in-house creative agency by day and as a freelance writer by night. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, such as Atlas Obscura, Hyperallergic, Paper Mag, Brooklyn Magazine, and Vice. In her spare time, she practices martial arts and volunteers for environmental efforts in hopes of inspiring more people to think about the consequences of climate change. Her many interests include making blockchain technology accessible and comprehensible to wider audiences.

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Vice President, Corporate Development

James has spent years working with companies in emerging industries on operational and regulatory issues. Last year, he worked with the Coinbase legal team for a summer, and most recently, he was a Privacy Fellow at 23andMe. Before that, he was Chief of Staff at urban agriculture startup Lufa Farms, where he streamlined operations, built out business development, and oversaw the company’s growth from 25 to 100 employees. James is currently pursuing a JD/MBA at Stanford Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He brings to Qchain a passion for blockchain technology and a deep understanding of this emerging industry.

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Chief Architect

Alex Huszagh is a skilled back-end and application developer with expertise in scientific programming. During his graduate research, he designed novel peak-picking algorithms for the accurate quantitation of noisy mass spectrometry data, streamlining his coworkers’ analytical workflow. He brings considerable experience in library and API design, performance and memory optimization, and enjoys C++ and Python programming. In addition to working on Qchain, Alex contributes to several open source projects and mentors students learning Python.

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Full-stack Developer

Shiva is a versatile full-stack developer with considerable experience building software, web applications, and machine learning tools across a multitude of domains and languages. He has a keen interest in learning and using new technologies and applying them to novel use cases. He has experience building responsive front-end applications, APIs, and robust and reliable back-end systems. He also spends time working as a volunteer developer at Code4SocialGood and contributes to several open source projects.

Lingge Li photo



Data Scientist & Back-end Developer

Lingge is an accomplished computational scientist and statistician with a broad range of experience ranging from software technology startups to advanced data science to applied mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. In the course of his endeavors, he has developed state-of-the-art innovations in neural networks research and worked with institutions such as Fermilab and Liberty Mutual. Driven by a passion to revolutionize the Internet with blockchain technology, he brings novel insights with his unique approach to data science.

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Vice President,
International Community Development

Dennis is a versatile individual who combines education as a scientific research engineer with rich experiences in the private sector. He has entrepreneurial experience from working as a project manager for several international companies, such as Zwook, Delonatelo, and Soundotcom, and has also acquired a host of technical experience from work in IT. He is captivated by the emergence of blockchain businesses and has re-pivoted towards specializing as a blockchain technology consultant. He brings unflagging enthusiasm for technology and attention to detail to his role as our Russian community manager.

Kyle photo


DevOps Manager

Kyle has a well-rounded background in computer science, mathematics, economics, and finance. He has experience performing data and market analysis, including damages in intellectual property and anti-trust cases in the smart phone and oil & gas industries. He recently completed his Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of California, Irvine, where he specialized in Game Theory, Experimental Economics, and Applied Microeconomics. Kyle provides a breadth of vital technical and financial skills to the Qchain team.


Chief of Staff

Kameran has a unique combination of expertise in the mathematical sciences (from pure to applied mathematics) and a high level of business acumen. His work on finite polyhedra, Lie groups, and magnetic microactuators used in hydrocephalus applications has culminated in research papers published in prominent international journals, including the Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems. Accustomed to transcending cookie-cutter roles, he concurrently led the consulting and business management for Twin Creek Ranch in Ojai, California, resulting in previously untapped levels of efficiency and growth. He is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of California, Irvine, where he is also a UCI Pedagogical Fellow — a role that has refined his ability to maximize performance by effectively implementing research-based practices in different learning environments.

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Lon Wong photo


Business Advisor

President, NEM Foundation
Founder & CEO, Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd

Misho Ceko photo


Operations Advisor

COO & Senior Associate Dean,
University of Chicago Harris Public Policy

Mark Pui photo


Business Advisor

Executive Director,
PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia

Keval Shah photo


Data Science Advisor

Data Scientist, Mintel Group
fmr. Senior Analyst, Publicis Media

Kailin O'Donnell photo


NEM & Blockchain Advisor

NEM Foundation Developer
& Core Team Member

Grant Fondo photo


Legal Advisor

Partner & Chair of Blockchain Practice,
Goodwin Procter LLP

Mitzi Chang photo


Legal Advisor

Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Charles Agbaje photo


Creative Advisor

Development, Cartoon Network
Co-founder & Head Writer, Central City Tower

Evgeny Yurtaev photo


Ethereum & Blockchain Advisor

CEO & Co-founder, Zerion

Alexey Bashlykov photo


Ethereum & Blockchain Advisor

CTO & Co-founder, Zerion

Leon Yeoh photo


Global Community Advisor

NEM Foundation Founding Member

Nurlan Abdrashitov photo


CIS Countries Advisor

Partner, ICO Tracker

Shunichi Otsuka photo


Ad Tech Engineering Advisor

Daniel Rendon photo


Ad Operations Advisor