Explore our progress and our path towards the future.

  • Qchain is founded

    Qchain is founded

    January 2017

    We conceived of Qchain after realizing the tremendous utility of a blockchain-based advertising platform and observing the absence of existing straightforward and decentralized applications in the space.

  • Qchain team is formed

    The Core Team is assembled

    March 2017

    A team of like-minded individuals excited by the future potential of blockchain technologies organically assembled to commence work on Qchain.

  • Whitepaper is published

    Our White Paper is published

    May 2017

    We solidified our ideas into concrete plans. Once we were confident in our course of action, we committed them in written form for our introduction to the public.
    Read our white paper.

  • Qchain Phase I Alpha release

    Phase I: Alpha Release

    October 2017

    In preparation for our token launch, we will release the first demo of our product (codename Bighorn) for user testing and feedback. It gives a preview of various features we intend to have in our production release. Try our demo.

  • Token Launch on Ethereum and NEM blockchains

    Token Launch on
    NEM and Ethereum blockchains

    October 2017
    (closing December 5th at 9 pm GMT)

    Our crowdsale is now open! We are launching our XQC token on the NEM blockchain and ERC20-compliant EQC token on the Ethereum blockchain in a capital-raising crowdsale to accelerate development of Qchain. Participate here.

  • Qchain Phase II Beta release

    Phase II: Beta Release

    Q4 2017

    Following user comments and suggestions, we will roll out our beta release (codename Ibex) that integrates with test networks for further rigorous testing and review.

  • Qchain production release on Ethereum public blockchain

    First Production Release

    Q1 2018

    In concert with corporate and blogging partners, we will roll out public blockchain transactions coinciding with the release of the first fully functional version of the application (codename Condor).

  • Continued development of Qchain