A New Paradigm for Autonomy and Transparency in Digital Marketing.

We are building a platform that offers tangible benefits of fairness, value, convenience, and privacy to our users. Our goal is to create a practical and sustainable product that will enrich the digital advertising industry with lasting impact.

In the long run, the things that retain lasting value are the ones that continuously provide lasting utility.

Ease of use and flexibility

Ease of use and flexibility

Excellent value proposition

Excellent value proposition

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

Dual-blockchain interoperability.

Qchain is built on top of the Ethereum and NEM blockchains, providing advertisers and publishers with the power of both leading next-generation blockchain platforms.

Qchain is built on both the Ethereum and NEM blockchains

The best way to predict the future is to create it.   — Peter Drucker

We are entering a future where multiple blockchain technologies will coexist and grow side by side. Users of a next-generation product should not be restricted to a single technology. The combination of Ethereum and NEM gives users freedom, choice, security, and the opportunity to harness two exciting technologies at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.


Each blockchain will have its own Qchain utility token:
the EQC token for Ethereum, and the XQC token for NEM.

EQC and XQC are the resources used to participate in the Qchain application services. These two tokens are transferred between users to pay for services, e.g. an advertiser renting an ad space on a publisher’s blog.

The goal of EQC and XQC is to cultivate a rich ecosystem around Qchain for all advertiser and publisher marketing needs. We strive for Qchain, EQC, and XQC to become synonymous with a decentralized marketing ecosystem where control has been placed back where it belongs –– in the hands of users.

EQC token



XQC token



Smart contracts

One of the biggest concerns in the advertising industry is ensuring that contract terms are satisfied by all parties and that transactions are executed accurately and as agreed upon.

All transactions of EQC and XQC on Qchain take place using smart contracts based on the terms negotiated and agreed upon by the interacting parties.

Transactions between advertisers and publishers will be carried about automatically based on these terms. There is no need for manual intervention, which reduces potential for misconduct.

Future-proof design principles

Network scales with the demands of the users.

Optimized for fast adoption and workflow integration.

Sophisticated multi-signature asset management.

Support for flexible software and hardware configurations.

Economically and environmentally sustainable.

Decentralized and scalable network architecture.

We carefully designed our network from the ground up to build a true technical foundation for performance and scalability.

Fast and efficient. Designed to grow. No artificial barriers to entry.

Expression, privacy, and security
for the 21st Century.

Qchain implements several measures to ensure that freedom of expression is upheld and fraud is minimized. The result is that content reaches web audiences, advertisers receive the services that they pay for, and publishers are properly compensated.

Combatting digital censorship and fraud.

The Qchain Host Network is designed with robustness and redundancy in mind to ensure that individual content is protected from attacks by bad actors. The Host Network and the Ethereum/NEM blockchains are beyond the domain of any individual party, freeing users from censorship. Clicks and impressions are verified by pools of several randomly selected host nodes using consensus mechanisms within our novel Proof of Interaction protocol, which combines the efficiency of off-chain computation with the security of distributed consensus and cryptographic authentication algorithms.

Share your content, not your personal information.

User privacy is a top priority for Qchain. Data is encrypted in transit, and anonymity is maintained at all stages between the Host Network and advertisers and publishers. Detailed analytics for publishers’ ad spaces and advertisers’ ad content will be available, but they will remain private and in the hands of their owners, and out of the hands of third-party companies looking to sell this private information for profit. Qchain Analytics represents an improvement in data quality for advertisers and publishers, as the data is verified by several hosts and stays out of unnecessary third-party hands.


Just say no

State firewalls


DDoS botnets


Digital fraud


For-profit data mining

data mining

Robust by design.

Qchain is designed from the ground up to be robust to Internet attacks that attempt to interrupt usage of the application. Since the application layer is not controlled by a central authority, it has no single point of failure and is not vulnerable to concerted attacks on a central target. Thus, it is by design robust to application layer distributed denial-of-service (Layer 7 DDoS) attacks, which are a growing concern on the global web.

Layer 7 DDoS mitigation comprises a high-cost and increasingly necessary sector of enterprise web services for traditional applications. In addition to the important security benefits, this is another area of potentially massive cost savings for users of Qchain.


increase in web application attacks year-over-year from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017.


Unprecedented DDoS attacks over 1 Tbps were observed in the second half of 2016.

Source: Akamai, Q1 2017 State of the Internet Security Report.

Decentralization meets usability.

Ease of use is among our top priorities.

Users can easily switch modes in our easy to use application front-end.

Users can easily switch between Ethereum and NEM modes as well as advertiser, publisher, and host modes, all within a unified user interface.

Convenience saves time. Time is money.

Qchain mirrors the convenience of services like Google AdSense, while leveraging our innovative three-agent system to redistribute resources and control away from a central authority and back to the actual users that comprise the network. By abstracting away the technical back-end components from the front-end app, Qchain’s user-facing components are optimized for efficient day-to-day usage, while all the heavy lifting is executed fairly and transparently across the decentralized back-end.

A UX designed by humans, for humans.

A good user interface should facilitate the use and adoption of new technologies. This means being intuitive, accessible, fast, and pleasant to use. The Qchain front-end is designed to be familiar to those who have used traditional administrative consoles, so you can hit the ground running while embracing our new groundbreaking technology. As a result, advertisers and publishers can spend their time on their business operations instead of unfamiliar interfaces and technical obstacles.